Thursday, July 22, 2010

X Blocks Class

Yesterday the ladies learnt a new technique using the X Block Ruler. The quarter inch is very important in this project, as a couple of my ladies found out. But we got there in the end.
Everyone used different fabrics and here is a close up of Fernanda's.

 And Marya is undecided whether she will make it even bigger as a christmas tablecloth or leave it as it is and use it as a tablerunner. All depends on DH allowing her to spend some more money!
And here are Lucinda and her daughter Sandra's, who will finish putting the blocks together at home, ready for next week to add the 1st border and the 2nd border which is made up of the leftover cuts, there is no waste in this project. But Lucinda (the brown and beige) may decide she wants to make it bigger for her bed. She recently took delivery of a new sewing maching. These ladies only started patchwork about a month ago.

This is mine before it was quilted and binded.
Also Marya brought the quilt she is doing for her father and this is how far she has got.

 She was hoping to spend today putting the last row of framed blocks and adding a few more applique designs where there are lots of squares. She hopes next week to do the quilting at the shop.

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