Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Not much has been happening in my world of patchwork. Time has not allowed me to go down into my sewing room and get any work done. Since I started working and with the current situation at work, by the time I have done my daily chores, I am too tired to get out my work. When I do it is mainly handwork. I have managed to put all the hexagons together and now I just have to make a purse out of it. It is a design by Lynette Anderson, but I think I will change the stitchery in the middle. Sorry Lynette!
There were over 80, 1 inch hexagons in this purse, which I have slowly been stitching by hand. And as some of you know, I love handwork.

And today I had an a couple of hours to myself this afternoon, before picking DD up from ATL. So I decided that I would give myself some sewing time, instead of housework and sewed this drawstring bag, which I had bought from Arco Iris A Metro, because I liked the stamped linen fabric!
It will come in very handy to take my stitcheries from Gail Pan's Design "Busy Little Christmas Elves", when we go on holiday soon. Just another 5 out of  17 left to go and then, when time permits I will make the quilt blocks that go with it!

I hope I don't leaving posting for another 2 months!!