Friday, October 29, 2010

Wednesday's Bag Workshop

We have quite a few ladies on Wednesday wanting to make a bag and if they finished the bag in time there was an extra project to make to go with the bag. Here are some of the ladies working already whilst the others were round the otherside of the shop cutting their fabric.
And by lunchtime Fernanda who was in a rush, as she was only able to come for half a day had got this far.
There was a mother and daughter who came as well, but no photo, but the fabrics were great. And in the afternoon Helena was the first to finish her bag and went on to make the surprise project, with the left over fabric.
And here is the green lady (sorry, but I have such difficulty in saying her name let alone spell it) threading the cord through.
And here is it finished along with Gaby's as well.

And mustn't forget Mariya's whose inside is very stylish, but forgot to take a picture of the inside.

I didn't get a picture of Claudia's or the lady you can just see behind Mariya's bag, sorry ladies. But they looked lovely as well.
The surprise project was a wallet to match their bags, but sorry it was getting late, so no time to take more pictures. Had a little girl waiting for her Mummy at home. Next Wednesday is "Livre" at Paula's, so people can work on their own UFO's or start something new, that they want to learn to do.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's Class

We had a busy day yesterday at Arco Iris Ao Metro, especially in the morning. Maria brought in her finished Xmas stocking and another she had made at home using applique. There is still a third one to be made.
Maria and Fernanda decided to make some christmas stars and they spent the best part of the morning stuffing them, Maria couldn't believe how much stuffing you needed to add to the star. They had a good time chatting,though. Sorry no pictures. Carmen continued with her Mariner's Compass pillow. It was also a day for people to finish their UFO's. Manuela brought her New York Beauty project and we spent the best part of the morning deciding which fabrics to add. This was one of the options.
And she finally decided on this combination.
In the afternoon Manuela stayed on to continue with her NYB quilt and another three ladies joined the group. There was Helena and a new lady who wanted to make purses,

and another lady, whose name I am sorry I have forgotten, again, who was unable to make last Saturday who wanted to make a fabric journal cover, sorry no picture.
We meet up again next Wednesday for a full day on making a bag and if the ladies finish their bag in time there is an additional project they can make with the remaining fabric, BUT only if they finish their bag.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Xmas Stocking Class

Well we have finally started doing workshops on Christmas projects. We had 6 ladies who wanted to have a go at making an Xmas stocking using the crazing quilting method.
They had to forget some of the rules of normal patchwork to create the front, which for some was difficult. Here is some of the mess this project can generate.

And here they are busy working and there was a lot of chatter!

Had to take this one of Manuela sewing standing up!!
The only person who I managed to get a photo of the front of the stocking was Fernanda, but she wasn't able to stay for the afternoon, as she had to go off and teach painting.

The remaining ladies still had some homework to do (TPC in Portuguese), so hopefully on Wednesday 20th October we will get to see some finished work! OK ladies.
Well this saturday we are making fabric journal covers, so don't forget to bring a book, diary or a notebook to cover. Hopefully my voice will be better by tomorrow, as I have managed to get a sore throat and cough. Lots of hot tea with honey help, plus my usual antibiotics should do the trick.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today, I was in a creative mood, but first I had to go through my fabric stash to see what I could use or could part with using, without having the tempation to go out to buy more fabric! I didn't realise just what I had stored away in my boxes. It was lovely just going through it!! Hope DH is not checking in on my blog. I must, must stop buying fabric and use what I have. But it is so difficult when you teach in a shop and new stock keeps arriving and Paula and Manuela saying have you seen this that arrived today.
Anyway I can't show you what I have been creating, as it is not quiet finished. Sorry.

Wednesday's Class

Yesterday there were 7 ladies working on their projects, of which 3 ladies decided they wanted to make a bag. Sorry no photo.
Mariya was still working on her Mariner's Compass and now that she is happy with the colours she is going to add some more blocks to make a lap quilt.

And she also in the last week been making these oven mites.

And this lady (sorry forgot her name) was doing in the ditch quilting around the star section of the block.

And last but not least, Lucinda made this star. She was going to add the finishing touches at home.
And finally next week's all day workshop will be on making this Christmas Stocking.
Those of you that are interested, please contact Arco Iris Ao Metro to reserve your place.
Must apologies for the gaps, still getting to grips with the changes!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mariner's Compass Pillow

On Wednesday we had a full day workshop on making this pillow using foundation piecing and a small amount of paper piecing.
Here is one of Carmen's quarters and Maria's deciding which background fabric to use.
And Teresa popped into the shop in her lunch break to show what she has been working on.
The one on the left was from a free block of the month by Gail Pan last year and the quilt on the right was various blocks from Block Party by Marsha McCloskey. Teresa is a very talented lady.
Maria brought in her finished purse that she is giving to her daughter, Antonia, who always says that her Mummy never makes anything for her, which is so untrue.

Well I am back at the shop on Saturday 2nd October from 3.00 pm until 6.00. The first Saturday of the month is usually for beginners or those ladies are are working on a project and need some help.