Monday, November 29, 2010

Candle Mat Swap

My parcel arrived safely from Cara Wilson who lives in Canada. I was so excited to see the parcel in our mailbox this afternoon, but managed to wait until my DD arrived home from school to open it. I had promised her that I would wait and open it with her, as she loves parcels, who doesn't.

What a lovely surprise was waiting inside the parcel when we opened it.

And it goes so well with the oilcloth we have on our table in the kitchen, couldn't have been more perfect. And guess who has got her eye on the chocolate bar!?

Look at the quilting on these pictures, so lovely.

You can check out her blog here. She designs for Moda Bake Shop, how lucky was I. Thanks ever so much Cara, it is beautiful.

Wednesday's Class

Before class started, Mariya showed us the bag she had made using a set of fat quarters in Japanese Fabrics that the shop had.
And nobody except Mariya is having this bag, isn't that right Mariya?
We then got down to making Christmas Bells using polystyrene balls either round or egg shaped.

And by lunchtime they had mades these.

Madalena stayed on for the afternoon to continue with the balls and we were joined by Helena and Manuela who wanted to make the Xmas Bells.

My DD wants to have a go at making these, so I had better get cutting some fabric for her, as I shall be at the shop again on the 1st December (Public Holiday) for those that due to working in the week are normally unable to come. There will also be the opportunity to make the metal framed purses as well, ideal as a Christmas gift. If you wish to come in the morning only (10.00 - 13.00) contact the shop. Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saturday Christmas Balls

Two posts in one day!
Last Saturday we had three ladies turn up to make Christmas balls. There was a lot of chatting done and no actual balls finished at the end!! Teresa turned up to make a purse and when she finished that she decided she wanted a go at making a christmas ball, using a polystyrene egg! Here is a photo of them working!!
And Gertrudes came in the shop to show me her finished Christmas Tree Skirt. Which came out really lovely and she found a stitch on her sewing machine to use on the scalloped edge. It was really nice, well done Gertrudes.
So this Wednesday, tomorrow, we are making Christmas Balls again for those that couldn't come on Saturday.

Last Wednesday's Classes

A bit behind in putting on last weeks class. Some of the ladies had a go at making 3D christmas bells and took them home to stuff them, this is the part I try and get my DD Sara to help me with!
I hope the ladies remember to bring the finished bells, so we can see them all stuffed. Mariya brought some projects she had been making at home, for herself.
And Amélia had been working on her log cabin blocks at home and brought them in to decide which why they were going to go. And in the end we decided on this format.

In the afternoon a few decided to stay on from the morning group and Gertrudes started quilting her christmas tree skirt.

And Manuela took the opportunity to make the bag with the drawstring which she had missed the other week. And here it is finished.

We had a new lady to the group called Maria Carmo, who started making the Rail Fence tablerunner in christmas fabric and managed to get the quarter inch spot on.

This Wednesday we have a class on Christmas balls. Here are two I have made.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Candle Mat Swap

I am pleased to report that my Candle Mat Swap arrived safely to Wenche who is from Norway. Here is her blog where you can see what she had to say.
Now I am just waiting to receive my surprise partner in this swap, how exciting. Think I may take part in another swap, but not until 2011.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday's Class

Yesterday I only managed to take one picture and it was of Gertrudes' "Notebook" case. She had got the idea from a Portuguese magazine, but when she initially made it, it was too big for the "Notebook. So she downsized. She is sure that her nieces are also going to be asking for one as well!

And with the left over fabric she made a wallet as well.  

Sorry no photos of the Christmas Tree Skirt, because I put my camera back in my handbag and forgot about it all day!!
However here is my finished Candle Swap mat, which I will be posting tomorrow. I hope she likes it, as this is the first time I have taken part in a swap.
And here is a close up of the ric rac I added to the binding edge.
Next week, Wednesday17th November, at Arco Iris ao Metro, the ladies will have the opportunity to make these christmas bells. If you wish to attend call the shop to confirm your place. If you can't make the Wednesday class we will be repeating it on Saturday 20th November (15.00 to 18.00) along with some Christmas Balls.

Until next time.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday I got around to starting my Candle Mat Swap.
Just need to add the binding now and send it off on Monday. I will try and put a picture of the finished mat on the blog, if I remember!
If anyone is interested in making one of this small table mats, you can still get the instructions from here, but the swap is now closed for anyone to enter.

Wednesday's Class

This Wednesday was a "Livre" day where people could work on their UFO's or do one of the projects they were not able to attend.
From left, Mariya was making a fabric journal cover, Gertrudes(Green Lady) was making a "NoteBook" carrier and Gaby was making a small purse.

From left again, Carmen was continuing with her bag and the new lady was making some Rail Fence placemats using Chritmas Fabric. Fernanda made a wallet using the leftover fabric from her Bag class.

The finger belongs to Ameila, who spent all morning cutting fabric for her Log Cabin quilt. She was going to go home and start putting them together, 20 blocks in total. Well as far as she was comfortable in putting them together. In the afternoon, Helena came and wanted to make some Pinwheel Blocks and Clementina made a Christmas stocking, she was hoping to go home and make another 5 to give as Christmas presents.
And finally this lady, sorry I forgot your name. Wanted to make quilts for two single beds but using very large squares, as she wanted to get the two single quilts put together quickly. She is using fabric which used to be curtains and you had to see it to believe that in the 15 years that they had been hanging they hadn't faded and the fabric was really lovely 100% cotton. She said when she originally bought the fabric it wasn't cheap. So this the centre block! (Sawtooth Star).
Next Wednesday's full day workshop will be on making this Christmas Tree Skirt.
I really enjoyed free motion quilting this and was pleased on how it came out. But had a very sore finger after handing stitching the binding on. You see I just can't get on with a thimble and I have tried a few.