Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday's Class

Well this Wednesday we had 9 ladies, so it was a bit hectic in the morning. Mariya joined us to get on with her father's quilt, she leaves next week for Bulgaria to celebrate her father's 70th birthday. She says that she gets a lot more done at class than at home, no interruptions from DH and DD. And here it is, just has to finish sewing the binding at the back by hand.

Fernanda made a jornal cover (no picture), Sandra continued working on her X Blocks and her mother Lucinda was using a panel of chickens to make into a picture to hang in the kitchen. One of my ladies that had begun the Bargello projects turned up to continue but found that her left hand which she had fractured still wasn't strong enough to grip the ruler, so she will leave it until September and it should be all well.
And we had 3 ladies which had come all the way from the Algarve for the day one wanted to do the X Blocks we had done last week, another was a complete beginner and the other was creating a throw for the sofa.
That is it in workshops until the 1st September. It is too hot here at the moment to do any quilting.
I shall be taking a holiday down in the Algarve with DD, as my DH is working abroad. And then I am off to the UK to the big Quilt Festival in Birmingham and hope to meet up at the end of the day for a chat with a dear quilting friend for whom without her encouragement and support I would not have started quilting and be teaching today.

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