Monday, February 21, 2011


Well when I got home this afternoon, a lovely surprise was waiting for me in the mail box! This was the first part of the parcel
and inside this wrapped fabric parcel (from Holland) was....

Obviously my DD, Sara has decided she will have the Bunny rabbit mug rug! The other mug rug which I really love because of the fact it has been made using traditional costume fabric from Spakenburg (1900-1940). Caro, whose blog you can find here, said in her postcard,  "It is made of antique costume fabric from Spakenburg. A small traditional fishing town, the red and white (which is on the back), is new fabric that are the scarfs they still wear. The blue and brown fabric are from the blouses, light from shoulder parts, the purple are the mourning colours". Well Caro (Caroline) thank you ever so much for these two lovely Mug Rugs, it was a really lovely surprise in my mail box today.


This last week, the ladies on Wednesday carried on with their own projects. Herminia wanted to make a table runner and here it is getting going. I really loved the lavendar fabric, but it was the last fat quarter in the shop. How did I manage to miss that one! And these were the only pictures I took.
And on Saturday we did my old favourite that hasn't been done for a while. The "quilt as you go" purse. And here are two of the purses.
The other ladies weren't quiet at this stage! And Helena had come, but as she had already done the purse before, she brought her Dresden Plate to finish it off.
This Wednesday, 23rd February (10.00 to 13.00, or 15.00 to 18.00), we are going to have a go at English paper piecing by hand and here it is.
Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have just realised that I didn't blog about last Wednesday's class!
Anyway the ladies had a go a making the log cabin block and initially they got a bit confused about the order in which to go around. Anyway by the end of class we had a variety of Chickens!! And here they are in a variety of colour combinations.
This one we called sexy, as he/she was in creams and reds!
All was left was for the ladies to stuff them when they got home. I wonder who managed to finish their's?
Hopefully this week I won't forget to add a report!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This weeks classes

Wednesday, the ladies were working on their own various projects. Fernanda was busy with her quilt and the instructions were causing problems (sizing problems), that after some help from Paula she was back on track.
And Madalena got on with finishing her Dresden Plate on her Elna sewing machine which she has had for a few years. It is so dinky!
And a mother and daughter joined us for the first time and started on their Rail Fence. They chose the same fabric but one did in pink/chocolate and the other blue/chocolate, placemats.
And later when Madalena had finished her pillow, she decided to go on and make small wallets using this fabric and also Manuela joined in as well.
We were joined in the afternoon by Maria Helena, who wanted to have a go a making the Dresden Plate, which she was going to finish at home with handsewing.
And on Saturday, unfortunately I had no time to take any pictures, as it was non-stop helping the ladies with their individual projects they had decided to do, from bags to journal covers and helping a lady cut some wonky strips!
Hopefully this Wednesday I will have some pictures to share with you! Check the calendar at Arco Iris Ao Metro as to what we are doing on Wednesday 9th February and if you are interest come along, but please don't forget to confirm with the shop that you will be coming to class.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mug Rug Swap

Well, I have now made my two mug rugs. I used the same fabric for each, but with different designs. One had to be the dresden plate, as we have been working on this in class last week, but this time it was obviously on a smaller scale.

All it now leaves is for me to send the two mug rugs off to the respective receipent. I hope that she likes them. I wonder who I shall receive from this time?! This is the second swap I am taking part in and it is fun and also not too time consuming.