Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost done!

Well I forgot to take my camera with me yesterday to class!! So no photos to show of the ladies doing the stained glass window. They managed to get one block done and we will continue with this project next week. Just as well because it was very busy and no time to stop and take photos.

As promised I have quilted the top of my Hidden Wells and tonight intend to sit down and hand sew on the binding. It will keep my legs warm, for sure, as we are now getting some of the bad weather that Madeira has had, but not as bad, thankfully. Just the strong winds. Here are a couple of photos of the work in progress. Will show the whole quilt when I have attached the label. Now Angela when did I start this project or is it too embrassing to say!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday's Class

On Saturday the ladies had a lesson on making a daisy block using Jan Mullen's crooked method of cutting blocks. The ladies at first couldn't accept that they could cut a slightly off angel strip and this took them a while to get the hang of it. Here are the first blocks. Helena had already started doing a second block and maybe by next week she will have done some more. Knowing Helena that isn't usual.

Also Teresa popped into the shop with her New York Beauty, which she so much enjoyed doing. All there is now is for her to put a border on and quilt it! Teresa says that she enjoys very much foundation piecing.

Teresa tends to pop into the shop in her lunch break on a Wednesday to have a chat and show her projects because at the moment her weekends are taken up with going to watch her son playing sports (can't remember which sport activity he takes part in).

I am trying to quilt my Hidden Wells quilt, that is a long over due UFO. Sorry Angela. I have quilted a quarter of it, so hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to do another quarter! Or I might get distracted and do something else!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fabric Baskets

Today I decided to mess around, after finding this idea at and I decided to make slightly smaller. Jenny has given me more ideas since she posted her original post.

It is raining here and bitterly cold, which is not normal for Lisbon.

Wednesday Group

Yesterday, we were only 4 ladies, because it had been a public holiday due to Carnaval (yes, in February) a few ladies were away on holiday or looking after their children. However between us we decided to make a table runner using a block called Turkey Tracks from Marsha McCloskey's "Block Party". It involved using 7/8ths in some of the squares which they hadn't come across yet and also cutting half triangles. Here are two of the blocks by Manuela and Helena. The ladies were going to continue the project at home by making the additional two blocks and adding setting triangles.

Last Friday Sara dressed as a witch for school, as it is a tradition here in Portugal for all the children to dress up for school on the Friday before Carnaval. But unfortunately the weather was not that brilliant, it rained and was rather cold, hence the extra clothing. I think in the 6 years Sara has dressed up for Carnaval there has only been two occasions when there was a parade with the other local schools. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half Triangles Class

Today the ladies had a lesson on how to make half triangles using the method of two squares.
And as Valentine's Day is on Sunday, I came up with this idea. The lovely assistant in the second photo is my daughter, Sara, who on occasions is called upon to help me by holding the quilts I make.
This one belongs to Helena, who loves pinks. She has decided that she is going to make a rectangle cushion for her granddaughter by adding another row of plain squares to the righthand side then a border with corner squares.

Here is Maria's who is going to make some more into placemats and if she can a table runner as well. Red roses very appropriate.

Manuela brought her Bargello and is now thinking of making it even bigger for her bed! There is still the fabric in the shop, so she is going to go home and use the rest she has to see how much more fabric she will need to make it for her double bed. To say that she has only recently started quilting, she is doing very well.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quilt Class

Today the ladies were working on their appropriate projects. Helena and Manuela who were not able to come last time for the Bento Box block so decided they wanted to have a try and have gone home to make some more blocks.

The quality of this picture wasn't that good today.

Another lady was working on her Rail Fence project and next week she will add the binding. She wasn't comfortable in adding the binding, so she was going to go home and join the strips together, so that next week we put the binding on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pyramid Purse

On Saturday 3 of the ladies did pyramid purses.

Because the ladies finished these purses relatively quickly, they then went on to make one of these (this is mine below) but didn't have enough time to finish them. Hopefully tomorrow two of the ladies who come on Wednesday's will bring them to show.

As Valentine's Day is approaching, I have started a small project, which I hope to show soon. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the amount of fabric needed (oops) and so unfortunately (not), tomorrow I shall have to go and get some more fabric to finish it. This is what happens when you try and create something!