Monday, November 29, 2010

Wednesday's Class

Before class started, Mariya showed us the bag she had made using a set of fat quarters in Japanese Fabrics that the shop had.
And nobody except Mariya is having this bag, isn't that right Mariya?
We then got down to making Christmas Bells using polystyrene balls either round or egg shaped.

And by lunchtime they had mades these.

Madalena stayed on for the afternoon to continue with the balls and we were joined by Helena and Manuela who wanted to make the Xmas Bells.

My DD wants to have a go at making these, so I had better get cutting some fabric for her, as I shall be at the shop again on the 1st December (Public Holiday) for those that due to working in the week are normally unable to come. There will also be the opportunity to make the metal framed purses as well, ideal as a Christmas gift. If you wish to come in the morning only (10.00 - 13.00) contact the shop. Bye for now.

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