Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday's Class

This Wednesday was a "Livre" day where people could work on their UFO's or do one of the projects they were not able to attend.
From left, Mariya was making a fabric journal cover, Gertrudes(Green Lady) was making a "NoteBook" carrier and Gaby was making a small purse.

From left again, Carmen was continuing with her bag and the new lady was making some Rail Fence placemats using Chritmas Fabric. Fernanda made a wallet using the leftover fabric from her Bag class.

The finger belongs to Ameila, who spent all morning cutting fabric for her Log Cabin quilt. She was going to go home and start putting them together, 20 blocks in total. Well as far as she was comfortable in putting them together. In the afternoon, Helena came and wanted to make some Pinwheel Blocks and Clementina made a Christmas stocking, she was hoping to go home and make another 5 to give as Christmas presents.
And finally this lady, sorry I forgot your name. Wanted to make quilts for two single beds but using very large squares, as she wanted to get the two single quilts put together quickly. She is using fabric which used to be curtains and you had to see it to believe that in the 15 years that they had been hanging they hadn't faded and the fabric was really lovely 100% cotton. She said when she originally bought the fabric it wasn't cheap. So this the centre block! (Sawtooth Star).
Next Wednesday's full day workshop will be on making this Christmas Tree Skirt.
I really enjoyed free motion quilting this and was pleased on how it came out. But had a very sore finger after handing stitching the binding on. You see I just can't get on with a thimble and I have tried a few.

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