Sunday, March 21, 2010

New York Beauty Workshop

Yesterday we had a full day workshop on foundation piecing.
 The ladies were very quiet for most of the morning, what with having to concentrate so much!! By lunchtime they had managed to transfer the templates and finish one block each with the exception of Marta who had managed two blocks. Here is one by Marta (top) and Manuela (below).


We then had a lunch break and went round the corner for lunch, all except Sofia, who had brought a packed lunch. After lunch they started talking and said that they thought it had been a bad idea to go and have lunch, because they had lost the rhythm of working!!
Marta had brought her scrap bag and had decided to go for a scrapy NYB. Here is what she had managed by the end of the day. 

And here is Filomena's.
I hope to add photos when the projects are finished. Anyone interested we used two of the templates from here.


  1. Your ladies have made fabulous blocks.. just shows that anything goes... wooohoooo for scraps I say!
    Did you say you used entretela (sp) instead of paper?

  2. yup... we´ve been using entretela without glue instead of paper... itºs thin enough not to have to take it out. works great, you should try it.