Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bag Class

Well today we had a full house, 10 ladies!!!
But first Maria Helena had to show us her finished New York Beauty top. Bearing in mind she only started this on Saturday afternoon.
How we managed, I don't know but it went smoothly and by the end of three hours the ladies had managed to get this far.
I am hoping that over the Easter holidays that I shall be able to start a project for myself. I have had this Jelly Roll since last year, so at least I hope to cut up the squares, etc.
But I have a feeling that Sara will be wanting to make her Tilda Bunny! Just not enough hours in a day.


  1. Holy Cow Helen, 10 ladies!!! where on earth did you put them all?
    I bet you slept well, he he he

  2. We like it cozy at Arco Iris... so they all sat REALLY, REALLY, close to each other to keep warm, as the weather has been really cold. NOT! I think it went well too. Waiting to be able to aquire the next door place... Hope that works out soon, so we can have a REAL space.