Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have not posted the last couple of classes as they were so busy I justed didn't get chance to take any photos. However on the Saturday class Carmen popped in with her log cabin quilt finally finished, which I managed to take pictures.

The centre squares were all crossed stitched.

Not sure whether these pictures really show the work. I had problem with figuring out how to disarm the automatic flash. Now I know, thanks to DH.
I have been preparing the project for this Saturday's all day workshop - New York Beauty, foundation pieced.

Not a great lover of paper-piecing, all that paper to tear at the end and also I personally find it hard to see when aligning the fabric up, so I like to use Vilene sew-in light weight  interfacing which enables me to see what is going on and also I don't need to take it out once the block is sewn together. So all being well on Saturday, as it is an all day class I will hopefully get a chance to take some photos, fingers crossed.
Tomorrow I hope to show what I have prepared for the girls to do next Wednesday!


  1. That's a great New York Beauty, is it from the book or that free site we used in the Quilt Cave? Paper piecing has it's benefits eh... I love all the points to be very 'pointy'! Hope the ladies enjoy it too.

  2. Well... The quilt came out great, after almost a year and a whole lot of classes to finish... talk about TEAM work! Sure you will never want to look at corner stars again after this one, right?

  3. I forgot to mention... and Angela will understand this feeling... this was probably the ONE project that almost made you cry, right?... No we move onto the TIES.... Let´s see what that will bring....