Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday Group

Yesterday, we were only 4 ladies, because it had been a public holiday due to Carnaval (yes, in February) a few ladies were away on holiday or looking after their children. However between us we decided to make a table runner using a block called Turkey Tracks from Marsha McCloskey's "Block Party". It involved using 7/8ths in some of the squares which they hadn't come across yet and also cutting half triangles. Here are two of the blocks by Manuela and Helena. The ladies were going to continue the project at home by making the additional two blocks and adding setting triangles.

Last Friday Sara dressed as a witch for school, as it is a tradition here in Portugal for all the children to dress up for school on the Friday before Carnaval. But unfortunately the weather was not that brilliant, it rained and was rather cold, hence the extra clothing. I think in the 6 years Sara has dressed up for Carnaval there has only been two occasions when there was a parade with the other local schools. 

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