Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost done!

Well I forgot to take my camera with me yesterday to class!! So no photos to show of the ladies doing the stained glass window. They managed to get one block done and we will continue with this project next week. Just as well because it was very busy and no time to stop and take photos.

As promised I have quilted the top of my Hidden Wells and tonight intend to sit down and hand sew on the binding. It will keep my legs warm, for sure, as we are now getting some of the bad weather that Madeira has had, but not as bad, thankfully. Just the strong winds. Here are a couple of photos of the work in progress. Will show the whole quilt when I have attached the label. Now Angela when did I start this project or is it too embrassing to say!


  1. It looks great Helen, did you use your BSR to do the loopyloops?
    You started this quilt in November 2004, the year I moved to Portugal, I did tell you at the time that you would learn a lot! ha ha ha well done... I wonder whether Judith and Ann ever finished theirs?

  2. Yes Angel, I did use my BSR and switched off the beep, as it was driving me nuts. Now I can add when I started the quilt to my label. Bjs