Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half Triangles Class

Today the ladies had a lesson on how to make half triangles using the method of two squares.
And as Valentine's Day is on Sunday, I came up with this idea. The lovely assistant in the second photo is my daughter, Sara, who on occasions is called upon to help me by holding the quilts I make.
This one belongs to Helena, who loves pinks. She has decided that she is going to make a rectangle cushion for her granddaughter by adding another row of plain squares to the righthand side then a border with corner squares.

Here is Maria's who is going to make some more into placemats and if she can a table runner as well. Red roses very appropriate.

Manuela brought her Bargello and is now thinking of making it even bigger for her bed! There is still the fabric in the shop, so she is going to go home and use the rest she has to see how much more fabric she will need to make it for her double bed. To say that she has only recently started quilting, she is doing very well.

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