Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Cappuccino Swirl?

I thought I would explain how I came about "Cappuccino Swirl". It all began when I started learning how to do patchwork 2004. Our first project was Rail Fence and was taught by Angela As I didn't know much about colours I chose creams or is it beiges, never sure about that, and brown. Angela said it remained her of the milky coffee you get here (gal√£o), so as that was my first project and this is my first time having a blog......

Here below is a picture of the wall hanging.


  1. Finally Helen, you made a blog!!
    I remember that first quilt, it was 5 years ago, gosh how time flies eh....
    I look forward to more news....

  2. Hello Helen,

    I like very much your blog.