Saturday, January 23, 2010

Other interests

Besides quilting, I do enjoy Cross Stitch, which I tend to do on an evening in front of the television, rather than fall asleep! I recently finished this. It is very appropriate, isn't it?

It is one of Lizzie Kate's Snippets patterns.

And this is The Quiltmaker by Lavender & Lace, which is a slow process.......

Finally for Christmas I made this Tilda doll called "Country Girl". The kit came with everything except for the stuffing. It was a present for my daughter, Sara, who happens to celebrate her birthday on 24th December! Here in Portugal they tend to make more of Christmas Eve, but in our household, the 24th is Sara's day and we celebrate on the 25th. And yes she gets two presents. It was hard to make because every time I worked on the doll, I had to hide everything or she would have questioned what is that fabric for, as she has taken an interest in quilting (only just 9 years old). Any scraps of fabric that don't reach my scrap box in time, you can be sure that Sara will have placed it in her box.

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  1. Yey!!! wooohooooo.... Stitching forever... housework whenever!!! If only eh???