Monday, May 30, 2011


I attended a workshop by Jenny Bowker on "Image in Applique" on Friday and Saturday. It was really a worthwhile class and Jenny made it look so easy. I had already attended her workshop on Free Motion Quilt here in Portugal a couple of years ago.
On this particular workshop we had to take along a photo of our own taking and from that we had to reproduce it into a quilt. I choose a flower, but can't say much more as I hope to surprise someone with it. We learnt how to choose colours, which at times, when you looked at your photo and thought it was one colour, in actual fact it was something completely different. Also learnt that with stitching, you can bring depth to your applique. I could go on and on.......
Jenny is one of those teachers that is ready to help and answer questions on any aspect of patchwork, not just on the workshop in hand. I even learnt something on binding, that I didn' realise.
She brought along just a couple of quilts, because she didn't want to exceed her luggage allowance, which unfortunately these days you are allowed less and less, unless you want to pay the excess which is exorbitant. But she had brought her husband along as well to help with the luggage allowance.
She managed to bring her quilt called "Sandstorm over the White Desert", which I had seem in the "Australian Patchwork & Quilting" Magazine and all I could say was wow. Here is the extract from the magazine and a close up of what I took at the class.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed the workshop. Thanks Jenny.

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