Sunday, May 15, 2011

Few photos

I have still been teaching classes and here are some photos of what has been happening.  Firstly we had the Bargello workshop.

Maria Carmo choose pinks and brown, it is starting to look really lovely. I was saying yesterday to someone, that a few years ago you would never think of putting pinks and browns together, well I wouldn't have!
And Mariya choose blues, as it will go in her new house that is currently being built. She isn't sure whether it will be a tablerunner or whether she will hang it on the wall.
Aldora choose browns
which is going to be hung on a wall and is already on to her second Bargello!
Hermina choose these greens and blues, but decided to change it a bit.

And these are the colours Gertrudos (sorry about the spelling) choose, but didn't get any more pictures, hopefully we will get to see the finished project.

And finally this is Maria Carmo, we have two ladies of the same name in class.

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  1. The Bargello quilts look fabulous... almost always 'spectacular' is a perfect word. Pink and brown have always gone together... remember neopolitan ice-cream? ha ha ha