Sunday, March 6, 2011


I haven't posted anything recently on my blog because few photos have been taken at classes, as I just haven't had time to get the camera out and take pictures.
Here are a couple of the Pincushion the ladies made using English Paper Piecing.

And Marta and her mother wanted to make some wallets.
Here is her mother's finished
and Marta took her's home as she wasn't happy with the way the fabric was, partly my fault, I must admit when it came to putting the fabric on the outside of the wallet between us we got it upside down. We aren't all perfect, mistakes do happen, that is how we clear for next time. This is the fabric she was using.
And this Saturday we had a class on making  Flexi Purses and a pleated purse with a metal fastener. Herminia brought her finished table runner and also here is her finished Quilt as You Go Purse, which was a class at the end of February.
Herminia is a very quick worker and everything comes out exact.
Here is Emilia's pleated purse,
and Gertruda's (sorry if I have spelled it wrong) Flexi Purse
and finally Alexandra's puffy purse

Well I hope to be better this coming week at putting photos on my blog. Class this week is only in the morning as here in Portugal we have Carnival week, so the children are off school for 3 days. This year my DD decided she didn't want to dress up for Carnival at school and as she is in the 5th year it is not compulsory to dress up. Which she was pleased about and her Mum as well!

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