Monday, February 21, 2011


Well when I got home this afternoon, a lovely surprise was waiting for me in the mail box! This was the first part of the parcel
and inside this wrapped fabric parcel (from Holland) was....

Obviously my DD, Sara has decided she will have the Bunny rabbit mug rug! The other mug rug which I really love because of the fact it has been made using traditional costume fabric from Spakenburg (1900-1940). Caro, whose blog you can find here, said in her postcard,  "It is made of antique costume fabric from Spakenburg. A small traditional fishing town, the red and white (which is on the back), is new fabric that are the scarfs they still wear. The blue and brown fabric are from the blouses, light from shoulder parts, the purple are the mourning colours". Well Caro (Caroline) thank you ever so much for these two lovely Mug Rugs, it was a really lovely surprise in my mail box today.

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  1. I'm glad you and your DD liked them. It was really fun making them. Myself, I love antique quilts and fabrics. bye bye Caro