Monday, January 3, 2011


I can't beleive that it is already 2011. I must admit that the last two weeks of 2010, I did nothing in quilting, but instead spent quality time with my DH and DD. My DH has been away working in Tanzania for the last 7 months, so I think I had a very good excuse not to be teaching or doing any quilting.
He was very lucky he arrived on the 18th Dec because his connecting flight from London was cancelled on the 17th Dec, due to the bad weather that London Heathrow had to contend with, I could go on .... His suitcase turned up on the 25th Dec!! Which had these fabrics he found in Tanzania.
They will need to be washed as they are a bit stiff and also to check if the dye runs out. Not sure what I shall use them for, bags is one idea. We will see, but it was lovely of him to bring them.
What 2011 has in store I don't know really other than more quilting for sure and it would be lovely if we as a family could be together rather than this distance apart, we currently have. All I can say is thank goodness for Skype and computers which enables us to be able to keep in touch.
All it leaves me to say is Happy New Year and keep on with the quilting.

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