Friday, October 15, 2010

Xmas Stocking Class

Well we have finally started doing workshops on Christmas projects. We had 6 ladies who wanted to have a go at making an Xmas stocking using the crazing quilting method.
They had to forget some of the rules of normal patchwork to create the front, which for some was difficult. Here is some of the mess this project can generate.

And here they are busy working and there was a lot of chatter!

Had to take this one of Manuela sewing standing up!!
The only person who I managed to get a photo of the front of the stocking was Fernanda, but she wasn't able to stay for the afternoon, as she had to go off and teach painting.

The remaining ladies still had some homework to do (TPC in Portuguese), so hopefully on Wednesday 20th October we will get to see some finished work! OK ladies.
Well this saturday we are making fabric journal covers, so don't forget to bring a book, diary or a notebook to cover. Hopefully my voice will be better by tomorrow, as I have managed to get a sore throat and cough. Lots of hot tea with honey help, plus my usual antibiotics should do the trick.

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