Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's Class

We had a busy day yesterday at Arco Iris Ao Metro, especially in the morning. Maria brought in her finished Xmas stocking and another she had made at home using applique. There is still a third one to be made.
Maria and Fernanda decided to make some christmas stars and they spent the best part of the morning stuffing them, Maria couldn't believe how much stuffing you needed to add to the star. They had a good time chatting,though. Sorry no pictures. Carmen continued with her Mariner's Compass pillow. It was also a day for people to finish their UFO's. Manuela brought her New York Beauty project and we spent the best part of the morning deciding which fabrics to add. This was one of the options.
And she finally decided on this combination.
In the afternoon Manuela stayed on to continue with her NYB quilt and another three ladies joined the group. There was Helena and a new lady who wanted to make purses,

and another lady, whose name I am sorry I have forgotten, again, who was unable to make last Saturday who wanted to make a fabric journal cover, sorry no picture.
We meet up again next Wednesday for a full day on making a bag and if the ladies finish their bag in time there is an additional project they can make with the remaining fabric, BUT only if they finish their bag.

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