Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wednesday's class

Last Wednesday's class was where the ladies could finish their projects or ask for help on something specific they wanted to learn, which we call "Livre" which translated means free to choice what they want to work on. I do this once a month, so people get a chance to catch up on their work.
Sofia brought in her finished project from the Mystery Class we did and as you can see it wasn't reds!
Here are the ladies busy working on their individual projects.

And Maria showing Sofia how she uses the blanket stitch on her sewing machine for applique.
And Sofia's finished project with a little help from Maria.Here are some of the designs Maria has used from her Singer sewing machine to make a duvet cover for her daughter.
And finally here is Manuela working on her bag.
Here is a picture of Marta's finished bag that she sent me. She is pregnant and the baby is due any time. Like 10 days and she found time to come to class to make a bag!
She used what she had at home to make this bag.

We will be doing this bag on Wednesday. So if you are interested in making this bag contact Arco Iris A Metro here to confirm your place and what you need to bring with you.

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