Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mystery Project Class

Yesterday I did a mystery project whereby last week the ladies received instructions to sew 8 strips of fabric starting with a light fabric and ending with a dark colour, a bit like Bargello and that was all they were given. And this is what they had to make.
Here is Regina's in reds and blacks

And Paula went for creams and browns
and Manuela hadn't yet finished cutting all her pieces, but chose blue.
Fernanda had only sewn 6 fabrics together but then added red in the middle and used a different method.
And we had a show of her runner which will be put on the floor!

This isn't all of it! And also she painted the back with special paints which puff up, which become rubber (like on non-slip soled socks you can get, not explaining it very well). The picture doesn't do the work justice.
In the afternoon I had another group of ladiesm but no pictures as they weren't ready to show. Sofia brought her kaleidoscope, so that she could choose the border and binding. Her mystery project is in blues, I am slowly getting her to use other colours besides REDS.
And Mariya was working on the surprise present for her Dad, which we can't show yet. She brought her circle jean project which she has turned into a cross the shoulder bag.
And this is the project for this Saturday afternoon at Arco Iris a Metro.
Until next time.

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  1. Que trabalhos lindos sem a sua ajuda nunca conseguiria cortar tantas tiras de cada medida obrigada pela sua lição e paciência para me ir orientando. Os trabalhos das outras senhoras estão lindos.
    Ainda não tive tempo dos unir á máquina mas logo que possa vou começar.