Friday, May 7, 2010

Wednesday's Mat & Ruler Class

On Wednesday with kind permission from Angela the ladies started making their Mat & Ruler bags, so that there will now be no excuse why they won't bring their mat and ruler to class!
No one actually finished their bag at the end of the morning, but hopefully next week we will see some finished. Some got as far as the pocket for the ruler. We were putting flying geese blocks down the middle and then they were going to go home and do their homework!
We had a new lady join us and to say she had never used a sewing machine, she managed to get her quarter inch dead on. Only thing I had to keep reminding her was to close her rotary cutter (if you look closely in the picture you will see). No homework for her, as she hasn't got a sewing maching at home, yet anyway!

And finally Aldora who is recently new to quilting but not handicrafts, made a cover for her sewing machine. Isn't it cute?
I am working on a project that is for an up and coming workshop, which I can't show just yet.

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