Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Day Workshop

Yesterday we had an all day workshop on using Bethany S Reynolds Kaleidoscope technique. This is mine and I will admit that joining those hexagonal blocks gave me a challenge!
And one of the hexagonal's close up.
I must admit each time I joined a block together I got this wow feeling. And I think the ladies did too. Here is Carmen cutting some of her strips up.
Fernanda and Helena busy putting their blocks together to see what surprise laid in store for them.

And here are some of Manuela's with her brown and Sofia's (blue/yellow) and just a bit of pink, not red though.
And I only managed to take one of Fernanda's blocks. It will be interesting to see how Manuela, Fernanda and Paula's blocks come out because they are using the same fabric design but one has a black background, one is brown and the other has cream as it's background.
A lot of time was spent on helping them to cut their fabric up, which I think is the part that takes the longest. But once you get sewing it starts to come together. We will see next Wednesday how much homework they did. Today I took it easy, no not really. I went into my sewing room, to make something for myself, which will be revealed tomorrow!

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  1. They all look lovely Miss Helen. Can't help but love kaleidoscope quilts, every one different... fabulous!
    So... whacha makin' for your self then????