Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday's Class

Today 6 of the regular ladies turned up and we continued with the bag that we started last week and managed to finish them.
This is Cristina's

and this is Manuela's (sorry for the poor quality of the picture but my nerve's were getting the better of me!)

And Fernanda was continuing with her New York Beauty. It is now ready for quilting.

Helena decided that she was going to make this little bag for her grandaughter who is only 2. So sweet.

Half way through the class we had a surprise visit from RTP (Portuguese National TV Station), to make a recording for their show - Praça da Alegria - on Monday 12th April. The ladies were not aware of this, Paula only found out Tuesday evening and called me, hence why my nerves were getting the better of me. Well, we will have to see how it came out on Monday!


  1. Wow,
    Miss Helen's going to be famous!
    Can I have an autograph?
    he he he

  2. Hi Helen
    Can I have a autograph aswell? I am very proud of knowing somebody who is on TV.
    Love Birte