Friday, April 23, 2010

This weeks Class....

I am finding that Wednesday seems a very popular day for quilting. This Wednesday there was no specific project allocated and the ladies were able to either work on their own projects that they hadn't finished or ask for help on something specific they wanted to learn the technique of. Fernanda wanted to do the Kaleidoscope technique, because when the TV people came to visit the shop (didn't you know I have been on TV!) we had a few up on display. Managed to get her away from this and she did a Pinwheel block instead from the Marsha McCloskey Block Party book.

We are going to be doing a Kaleidoscope workshop at the end of May, as a full day workshop. So check here for further details.

Sofia wanted to do Jan Mullen's Daisy block and practiced by doing a small block.

Here is another Sunbonnet Sue needleturn method.
This lady(sorry forgot her name) was going to go home to try and quilt the block.

I had 3 beginners, Maria was still working on her heart placemats (8 in total plus a table runners) and Maria Helena was working on her flying geese table topper, which she is going to add some applique in the middle, more on that another day.
Today I continued quilting two projects, which I will be using in a couple of workshops that I am teaching in May. Can't show them or won't be a surprise for the ladies.

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