Friday, November 30, 2012


I have finally finished all the stitchery blocks, there were 17 to do in total.
Now onto making the quilt blocks! Now have I enough red fabric for this?!


  1. OH!!! we never have enough fabric LOLOL
    the stitched blocks are so cute!

  2. Hi Helen, I am busy with this one too, finished only 2 blocks til now because I had the project of the 366 houses this year. This quilt is going to be lovely, as I understand it is going to be a red one, I can not see what color the stitcheries are. Is it dark red or brown? Can't wait to see how it's gonna be.

  3. I'm Irenes sister by the way....

  4. Hi Marry, The thread I used was DMC 221 which is a darkish red. I hope to get started on the blocks in the next month!