Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am here still!

Just realised that I have not put anything here for a month! I am still in the land of living. This extra time I have free, I am spending in my sewing room, catching up. DD commented the other day, how much tidier my sewing room is!!
I have finished a quilt top called Anita's Arrowhead, it was just a small quilt to get a feel for the technique, which is so neat. I also tried some free motion quilting with hearts.

And did this pillow using houses,

the pattern is called "Full House" Schnibbles by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co, and it will look so nice on our chocolate sofa. It is a by Carrie Nelson, who has published two books that I am aware of and also there is a collection of patterns called Schnibbles, using charm packs. I really love her work.
And also made this pincushion, using fabric I bought from Patchmania. It is very handy when I am sewing in the evenings.

And finally I am working on a surprise quilt which I can't show yet, as it is a gift for someone special and if I show you it now, it will spoil the surprise. I will eventually put it on my blog. All for now, I must get back to my sewing.


  1. Wow Helen, you're making really lovely things... I forgive you for going missing now that we know what you've been up to, ha ha ha.

  2. Hi Helen,
    Very nice quilt. I love the schnibbles pillow. Where do you get the pattern from?

  3. LOVE the pillow... I have both the Shnibbles books but I don't think there are any houses in either of them. :(

    By the way, if you have too much free time on your hands, I have just the place for you to spend some of that free time... Give you a couple shots at guessing where.

  4. I got the pattern as a gift, Teresa. Bjs Helen

  5. What beautiful work, but really liked the first is the most beautiful white background and gives a lot of beauty to the same drawing.
    nnot've been here but when I will have more time to their classes.
    a kiss