Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here are a couple of pictures of the Christmas Wreath that Maria and Madalena made, unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of Paula's, as she finished it in another workshop.
And I even did one of these for myself, which is in pride of place on our dinning room table. Thanks Angela for the idea.
And I had brought a Nativity Scene from my trip to Barcelona, for Sara and I to do. I do have one going back a few years!! that I have promised Sara if we start it in January 2012, we should be able to finish in time for Xmas 2012, because there are quite a few people and animals to do. But in the meantime we did this one together.
Tomorrow is our last class at Arco Iris before Christmas and then we shall start back on 11th January. Check their calendar for the dates and times. More information as to the type of workshop that will be running will be added in due course.

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