Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Last weekend I got the opportunity of going to Barcelona with a few of my friends, to Creativa 2011 in Barcelona. I had never been to Barcelona before and for sure I will go back with my family to see some more of the sites.
The Spanish people love to "passear" and you see people of all ages from young to old in the streets at night time, which unfortunately here in Lisbon you don't see so much of.

Our primory object of the trip was to go to the Creativa Fair and shop, of course!! We saw some lovely linen and ribbons and the stalls were mainly decked out in stitchery, applique and linen projects. It was not easy to take pictures of the stands, as they didn't like you taking pictures. Here are a couple, that I managed to take.

It was all too tempting, but I was careful, I can assure you. On my return I decided to make one of my famous purses, using linen and red cotton fabric. Can you see something popping out in the lefthand corner, well you will have to come to class, if you want to make one!!
I am sure there are going to be some more projects using the linen I bought, but dare I cut it! It looks so nice rolled up and those ribbons, can I bare to use them or shall I just sit and look at them!!

All in all it was a great trip and with the company of my friends it was made even better.

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  1. Aha... now I know where Paula got her photos from, quite the detective aren't I, ha ha ha.
    Good luck with the Wreath classes, I know the ladies will love making them.