Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday's Class at Arco Iris Ao Metro

Before the summer holidays the ladies had shown an interest in making a purse, based on the one I had made for the fair, which showed people what they could do with magic shrink 15%. Here is mine, which I no longer own, as it was sold!

And so the ladies set to work on designing their own purses. And here they are Fernanda's and Lucinda

and Mariya's
Just to let you know that is workshop will be repeated again on the 18th September. If you are interested contact the shop to reserve your place.
I forgot to show you a picture of what Fernanda has decided to do with her Kaleidoscope Quilt, it is going to be a duvet cover, when she has been to Ikea to get a king size black sheet for the back!

And the news of the shop is that it has finally been changed around to make it more friendly for the ladies. We have an area for sewing and then a separate area where the ladies can cut their fabrics.

So come and visit us at Arco Iris Ao Metro.

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  1. Those purses are fabulous Helen! I bet you are chuffed to have a real space to teach in now? It looks great. bjs